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AFRICA - Namibia 4K (ULTRA HD)

AFRICA - Namibia 4K (ULTRA HD)

Also available in 4K resolution!

Showreel 2013

Showreel 2013

Simon Skafar 2013 annual showreel represented exclusively by iStockvideo and Getty Images.

Animals  Showreel

Animals Showreel

A showreel of Animals in various settings represented exclusively by iStockvideo and Getty Images.

Facts about Simon Škafar

Simon Škafar is a royalty free and rights managed stock footage supplier focussed on producing professional motion content. His stock video footage is represented exclusively by iStockvideo and Getty Imageswhere he is selling stock videographer for three successive years. He understand that quality content is the key to bayer's media production. With that in mind, his standard shoots include the same tools you'll find on major video production companies, including lighting package, professional camera and cinematography support, professional gaffers, grips, post-production equipment and more.


Good feedbacks from regular and new stock buyers indicates a good creative and innovative approach to highest quality content. His goal is to offer content in his stock collection that serves every kind of buyer's needs. His motion stock collections supply footage libraries with specialist stock themes such as environmental, travel, business, lifestyle, health and beauty, emotions and other conceptual stock footage. Feel free to drop him a note with subject suggestions.


What is stock video footage

Stock video footage is used in a wide variety of media, common uses include: feature films, music video industry, television shows, documentaries, commercials, internet marketing, display marketing and powerpoint presentations.

Getty Images and iStockvideo are one of the world’s biggest agencies where most leading stock footage production companies found their success. Both companies offering license royalty free content over the internet; they host, market and sell media such as video, photo, audio and vector images. The content is available to anyone for a low price, based on the resolution required. The terms are simple; be the part and take advantage of HD stock footage clip for low affordable price that royalty free has to offer.

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